Piscean Vs. Billie Eilish

We’re kicking things off with a remix bootleg of an artist who it’s all about right now. We threw this together on our first studio session of 2020, bunkered up in a quiet corner of mountainous Spain and during a heavy downpour. Think shutters closed and brooding thunderstorms threatening power cuts at any moment. A much more innocent time!

We’ve been amazed at the support on this one already with several plays over BBC Radio 1, 6 Music and the BBC Asian Network. Massive shout out to Annie Nightingale, Nemone and everyone else still spinning this one.

We’ve decided to give the track away in return for a sign-up to Club Piscean our promo club that will host our new music, mixes and more. We hope you can join the club and there’ll likely be more bootlegs on the way… Hopefully some goodness while we’re all bunkered up over the next few months.

And if you could do us a solid one and be one of the first to follow us on our new socials and Soundcloud, it would mean the world to us at this early stage.




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